Check out Elgg 1.9 in action

Posted on Feb 3, 2014 in News | 5 comments

If you want to see Elgg 1.9 in action, check out our live demo. We’ve just completed the update and everything went smoothly and looks great. It’s version 1.9 Release Candidate, which will soon be released.

Remember to load the new responsive theme that comes with Elgg 1.9, Aalborg Theme. It’s created by Elggzone.

If you are a customer and are already working on 1.9, log in and get one of the new theme packages and take it for a spin on your own site.


  1. 2-6-2014


    Where can i download the 1.9RC version of Elgg ?


    • 2-6-2014

      1.9-rc has not been released yet. But you can download the latest Elgg master at github,

      Look for Download Zip in the sidebar. But remember it’s under development and not the final 1.9 nor 1.9-rc.

      • 3-17-2014


  2. 7-22-2014

    what is the big difference of 1.9

    • 7-22-2014

      There are a lot. Check out the changelog.

      But to mention a few:

      maintenance mode
      responsive theme – aalborg_theme
      Ajaxified the discussion reply, liking and friending
      Upgrades jQuery
      including translations from Transifex

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