Upgrade to Elgg version 1.8 ?

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Here at Elggzone we have begun upgrading our themes to 1.8. Over the next few month all of our themes will be upgraded and if you have made a purchase you can pick up the new version when it’s released. If you want to continue to run elgg 1.7 there is no need to worry as all our themes will still be available for download in version 1.7.

About a month ago the team behind elgg released version 1.8. And shortly after 1.8.01 was released to correct an overlooked bug in the installation system.

If you already run an Elgg site you might wonder when to upgrade and it is perhaps wise to wait a while. As stated in the elgg wiki: Elgg 1.8 is the biggest leap forward in the development of Elgg since version 1.0. As such, there is more work to update plugins than with previous upgrades. There were a small number of API changes and following our standard practice, the methods we deprecated have been updated to work with the new API. The biggest changes are in the standardization of plugins and in the views system.

So organizations or individuals that use Elgg 1.7 to run their social networks might want to check for plugin availability before upgrading, since most 1.7 plugins does not work with 1.8.

Elgg.org plugin directory contains around 1300 plugins developed by community members. It will take some time for developers to get familiar with the new 1.8 requirements and upgrade their plugins. That’s why the elgg team continue to update the elgg 1.7 branch.

Because of the delay of the availbility of third party plugins for Elgg 1.8, the Elgg 1.7 branch will continue to be updated for the next few months while plugin authors migrate to Elgg 1.8.0. No new features will be added to Elgg 1.7, but bugs and security issues will be fixed.

Elgg version 1.7.12 is scheduled to be released within a few days according to the elgg.org roadmap.

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