Theme update: Bright

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 in Bright, Theme Updates | 0 comments

The theme Bright update to 1.8 has just been released. As with the previous theme updates to 1.8 it’s actually an update to elgg 1.8.1 beta 1.

Elgg version 1.8.0 has a few serious bugs, for example, embed does not work and there are problems with the cropping of icons. So if you use Elgg 1.8.0 you should wait with this theme release or update your Elgg version.

A new Google ad element has been added with this release of the theme, a small header banner. At Bright Settings for Google Ads, you now have five possible ad elements you can display on your site.

If you allready purchased theme Bright you can go to your downloads and grab a new theme package, if not, you can read more about theme Bright here or take a tour in our Theme Demo.

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