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Posted on Nov 10, 2011 in Free Themes and Plugins, Theme Updates | 19 comments

Our free theme, Darkgrey, has been updated to Elgg version 1.8. Click the link below to download a complete theme package.

Theme Darkgrey is a nice stylish Elgg template with a clean and modern design.

Darkgrey has grained background and transparent boxes. It has among others Fixed width, topbar on index page and support all default Elgg mods.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave your responses in the comments below.

  • Features
  • Fixed width
  • Topbar on index page
  • Support all default Elgg mods
  • Modified icons
  • Logo psd included
  • W3C Validated
  • Version Elgg 1.8


  1. 11-13-2011

    Yeah very good job i love your themes :)

    Greatz, Adrian

  2. 12-13-2011

    Great Theme!!! I’m very new to elgg and loving it.

    I just wondered with your theme how can I show the menu bar for not logged in users?

    Also how could I have login at the very top on the same line as welcome guest as I want to remove the logged in section from where it is at the moment on the left?

    Would really appreciate some help.

    Many Thanks,
    Nettie :-)

    • 12-13-2011

      You can do both in the file views/default/page/elements/header.php. From line 10 change it to:

      // drop-down login
      echo elgg_view('core/account/login_dropdown');
      // insert site-wide navigation
      //if (elgg_is_logged_in()) {
      	echo elgg_view_menu('site');

      Now you just have to add some nice styling to the login button and .elgg-module-dropdown.

      • 12-13-2011

        Hi Per Jenson,
        Thank You so much for your really quick reply.

        I have just done that and now I have the menu bar showing for not logged in users, brilliant!!!

        Thank You for your help, really appreciate it
        Nettie :-)

      • 12-13-2011

        Glad to help :)

  3. 12-13-2011

    Hi again,
    Woo Hoo! I have managed to move login to the top next to welcome guest and remove the logged in section from the main left section.

    All I need now is to get the menu bar to show for not logged in users.

    Many Thanks,
    Nettie :-)

  4. 12-15-2011

    Per: Very classy theme – I like Nettie am very new to ELGG and have been playing around in it for about a week. A couple of things I’ve noticed in the presentation relate to the contrast (color) between some of the sub-links. For example on the Groups page, the “closed group
    3 members Make featured” links are just barely visible. Most places where there are these types of links, they isn’t enough contrast (viewing in Safari and Firefox on Mac). I know that the color of these links are controlled in the CSS/PHP but I’m reluctant to make any modifications for fear of screwing things up. What should I look for in the code to make these color changes?

    Thanks – John (PS – Been to Denmark at least 7 times from the US – friends in Aarhus – Beautiful country, was just there last spring for 10 days.

    • 12-15-2011

      Open elggzone_darkgrey/views/default/css/elements/navigation.php and find ( from line 426 ):

      .elgg-menu-entity, elgg-menu-annotation {
      	float: right;
      	margin-left: 15px;
      	font-size: 90%;
      	color: #59626D;
      	line-height: 16px;
      	height: 16px;
      .elgg-menu-entity > li > a, .elgg-menu-annotation > li > a {
      	color: #59626D;

      Change color: to suit your needs.

      Thanks for your kind words about Denmark, I visited USA once, New York. Fell in love right away :)

  5. 2-24-2012

    Hello Per Jensen,
    I am new to the world of Elgg but am enjoying getting to know it and am using the Darkgrey theme 1.8
    I have tried several other plugins to customize the login page and the theme tends to override. Is there a way to insert my logo and some content on the login page that appears now? If this is complicated I am happy to be pointed in the right direction. Absolutely love the them and all the capabilities. It also plays well with other plugins for the most part!

    All the best to you,

    • 2-24-2012

      If you want to override the default index page there is no need for an extra plugin. You should add a plugin hook to elggzone_darkgrey. Here is a tutorial on how to do that.


    • 2-24-2012

      Thanks Kappe, i will work through that!

  6. 4-10-2012

    Love the look and feel of this but I loaded it in mod and checked my plugin admin, says
    darkgrey_1.8 is not a valid Elgg plugin. Check the Elgg documentation for troubleshooting tips.
    using Elgg 1.8.3 any help you can give this amateur would be welcome

    • 4-10-2012

      Hello Rick

      That’s because you uploaded the wrong folder. Upload elggzone_darkgrey instead.

  7. 4-10-2012

    Thanks for the quick answer. works great and I love it.

  8. 9-18-2012

    Hi Per,
    first of all so much compliments for your work. now i’m just testing elgg for my project and your theme was the best free one for now. When me and my business partner will decide to put on a production site i think i’ll by one of your premium themes:-). For the moment i’d like to know how to change “WELCOME GUEST” on the topbar to “REGISTER”.
    Thanks in advance.

    • 9-18-2012

      You can do that in the language file.

  9. 4-3-2014

    Hie Elggzone. I have tried to replace logo.png in the graphics file and my logo is still not showing up. Please help me I am a newbie in this. And how do I change the background repeat picture? I tried to chnage tile_bg.jpeg but that didnt work too. Thanks for your help

    • 4-3-2014

      Might be caching. Go to Administration > Settings > Advanced Settings

      and uncheck Use simple cache and Use system cache and click save. Keep this setting until you’re done editing.

      • 4-12-2014

        Thanks Per Jensen. It was an issue of caching. You are such a blessing to the elgg society.

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