Group Publish 1.8

Posted on Dec 3, 2011 in Free Themes and Plugins, News, Plugins | 8 comments

Our free Elgg plugin, Group Publish has got an update to Elgg version 1.8. Group Publish is a plugin that allows you to create groups without publishing them. Later, when the group owner is happy with his setup, he may choose to publish.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave your responses in the comments below.

  • Features
  • Plugin setting
  • Info box on Create new group page
  • List of all unpublished groups in admin section
  • Version Elgg 1.8


  1. 2-23-2012

    Congratulation for your beautifull themes, I’m sure I will buy it.

    Question about the Group Publish.
    How can I change in order that only admin can publish a group ?

    Best regards

  2. 2-23-2012

    Open page/elements/publish.php and outcomment line 39,

    } else if (!$accepted){ 
    	$title = elgg_echo("group_publish:info");
    	$content = '<ul>';
    	$content .= "<li>" . elgg_echo('group_publish:notpublished') . "</li>";
    	//$content .= "<li>" . $publish_button;
    	$content .= $delete_button . "</li>";
    	$content .= '</ul>';
    	echo elgg_view_module('status', $title, $content);
    • 2-24-2012

      Thank you very much !
      I see it very easy to change.

      But I’ve noticed that the group is not visible only to the owner and admin also normal user can see it.

  3. 2-24-2012

    Sorry I try your plugin but the new group are visible to all member also before approval.

    • 2-24-2012

      Yes, we will look into that. It’s working on 1.8.1 though, which elgg version do you use?

    • 2-24-2012


    • 2-25-2012

      An updated version is now available for 1.8.3, please check it out.

    • 2-25-2012

      Good Job !!
      Very fast !!

      Everithing is working fine,
      thank you very much

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